Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Source of All That Is

Today is Sunday, September 8, 2013.

I've been reading a book called E2 (E-Squared), by Pam Grout, and thinking a lot about the Source lately.  Grout calls it the FP, or Field of Potentiality.  In the process of defining what she means by the term FP, she talks about a lot of misconceptions that people have about God.  Actually, Grout doesn't mess around: she calls these misconceptions "whoppers," which is another way of saying "lies." Lots and lots of people in this world will disagree with the ideas given below, but I hope my readers will at least give them an honest look.  

If you had no one else to tell you what God was like, and no books to read, how would you know God?  The only way would be by direct experience.  That is exactly how people should know God – by direct experience, which is why it's so important to make contact with the Source for yourself.   I challenge you to prove the following for yourself.   

The whopper: God is male. 
The truth: God is not human, and therefore does not have any gender.  Rather, IT is an energy field, the Source of All That Is. 

The whopper: God is waiting to catch us doing something naughty.   
The truth:  God is not about right and wrong or punishments.  Rather, God is about choices.  The Creator gave each Soul free will, and never takes this away.  The point is to make choices, accept the consequences, and learn from them.

The whopper: God loves some people and hates other people.   
The truth: God's love is totally unconditional.  That means God loves everybody.  Loving some people and hating others is your hangup, not God's. God loves plants and animals as much as people. God does not favor any one religion over all the others.

The whopper: God rewards suffering and sacrifice.  
The truth:  Heaven is available here and now.  Blessings and miracles are all around us, but we have to believe they are there; otherwise we will never see them.

The whopper: God demands that we live our lives in a certain way.  
The truth:  God makes no judgments.  Our own choices create consequences that we can experience and learn from.  We are our own harshest critics.  God is energy, a giant Feedback Loop.

The whopper: You mustn't ask too much of God.  
The truth:  Once again, God is an energy field, not a person. IT works in much the same way electric energy works.  As Pam Grout points out, when we turn on a light switch or run our toaster, we simply use the electric energy.  Electricity works for "saints" and "sinners" alike.  It doesn't matter who you are.  You don't have to worry whether you're good enough or pure enough to switch on your TV or run your vacuum cleaner.  It's the same way when you interact with the energy that is God.

The whopper: God doesn't communicate clearly with us.   
The truth: God communicates extraordinarily clearly.  It's just that the language of God is not what we expect, and we do need to pay attention, or we will miss the message. 

The whopper: God doesn't always answer our prayers.  
The truth:  The fact is that God is always available to us, 24/7.  If we don't get what we want, it's because we are getting what we need, instead.  God's viewpoint is so much higher than ours that what God knows we need and what we think we need are very different.  The answer to our prayers does come, but generally not the way we are expecting it.  The answer could be a sign by the roadside, a license plate, a song on our radio or iPod, the words of a friend, or a book that comes into our possession.  We have to pay attention to everything that happens in our lives. :-)

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