Friday, September 6, 2013

The Other Shoe Drops

Shellie Zimmerman
Photo credit: Gary W Green/
Getty Images/ABC News
Today is Friday,  September 6, 2013.

A few days after her interview with ABC News, in which she said she wasn't sure how much longer she could stay with her husband, George Zimmerman, Shellie Zimmerman has filed for divorce.  Understandably, her husband's murder trial has  put a great strain on the marriage – that would strain anyone's marriage.  The fact that the couple had to live in hiding with security guards after the verdict can't have helped, either.  

Frankly, I'm not sure I would want to stay married to a man whose idea of solving problems is to power people down with guns.  That just seems like a ticking time bomb, to me.  

But the piece of news that I really honed in on in this story was that on the day Trayvon Martin was killed, Shellie and her husband had just had an argument, and she had left to stay with her father!  So the other shoe has dropped: This is why Zimmerman wanted to go out and shoot somebody.  He was mad because his wife had argued with him and left.  

We all know that Trayvon had had a bad time at school in the days before he was shot, and that he had been sent to his father's home to wait out a suspension from school, so he had his own reason to be angry.  

So many horrid things happen when people are angry!  Our anger so often causes us not to think clearly.  It causes us to  jump to conclusions, to be controlled by knee-jerk reactions.  The people who have threatened George Zimmerman and his wife with bodily harm or death are no better; they are also caving in to knee-jerk reactions based on their anger.  

Nothing, nothing good comes from anger.  Nothing.  :-(

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