Thursday, September 19, 2013

Change of Seasons - Thinking About Fall

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Today is Thursday, September 19, 2013. 

Fall will officially be here on Sunday.  Today we had one last warm day, and I'm thinking it probably won't get really warm again until next summer.  Meanwhile, the temperatures will fall into the "comfortable"range for a few weeks. 

All the long-range forecasts I've checked say that, although it's really too soon to tell, it looks as if winter will be colder this year, with lots of snow.  Interestingly enough, Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting snow and cold for October 29-31, just after our Eckankar Worldwide Seminar.  I was planning to drive home from the Twin Cities on the 29th, but will have to watch the weather, I guess, when the time comes. 

Today I saw a little animal, maybe a chipmunk, run across a road with two cars (one of which was mine) coming toward it from opposite sides.  The little guy made it, I've never seen anything that small run that fast across such a distance.  It occurred to me that it was kind of "bushy-tailed," which tends to mean that winter will be harsh.  Mother Nature always seems to have some sort of early warning system, and the animals seem to grow thicker coats in advance of a particularly cold winter.  

This year, I think I will ask the maintenance people for a cover to go over my air conditioner, because last year, even though it wasn't that cold, the air still came through the vents, and my air conditioner - and both windows -- are facing north, where the coldest air comes from.

Meanwhile, my allergy misery is just about over, and that can never come too soon.  I may even be able to open my windows and get a bit of fresh air after the first frost.  I haven't opened any windows since very early spring because of allergies.  I haven't had to contend with much dust, as a result, but I miss the fresh air.

This summer was pleasant, overall, and I enjoyed it, especially after our no-show spring.  While fall weather may be much cooler, it may also favor us with just the right conditions for the leaves to put on their best show before falling off the trees.   :-)

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