Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten to Zen

Today is Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

So many things to let go of!  Let's see... what can I let go of today?  

1.  Let go of comparing.  Lately I've been thinking about my health now as compared with what it was when I was younger.  This is almost always a losing proposition, so why do I do it?  It only makes me miserable to know that I can no longer do things I could do ten years ago, or even seven years ago.  On the other hand, I am stronger than I was a year ago.  I guess the best thing is just to enjoy what health I have left now.

2.  Let go of competing.  This is a little easier, because although I love to play games, I've never been much of a competitor in life.  If I had been, I might have gone ahead and got a doctorate or I might have gone into educational administration.  The best thing here is to remember to do my best at all times, whatever I do, no matter what anyone else may be doing.

3.  Let go of judgments.  Right now, my judgments are mainly about myself, and they are often negative.  That has to stop, because it's not doing me any good.  Maybe I need to start a new journal with positive statements about myself and my life every day.  Add to shopping list: new notebook.

4.  Let go of anger.  My most recent anger is also about myself.  In my state, you don't have to change the address on your driver's license right away, but I waited too long, and forgot that if they didn't know my new address, I wouldn't get the reminder to renew my license tabs in the mail.  Result: I got caught with expired license tabs the other day.  It was my own fault.... but I need to stop beating myself up about it.  A spendy mistake, to be sure, but that's the breaks.  Just move on.

5.  Let go of regrets.  I have lots of regrets in my life, but this is another thing that is just not very productive, since there is no way I can go back and change things.  The best thing I can do now is be aware of opportunities when they come up and grab them before they're gone. 

6.  Let go of worrying.   This is major for me right now.  Worrying about my health and my money will not make problems go away, nor will it make things work out any better.  I need to take actions and then let the chips fall where they may.  My focus needs to be positive.  

7.  Let go of blame.  Once again, the object is myself.  Sure, I'm the author of my misfortune, but other than simply recognizing this and altering my behavior going forward, it is useless to be hard on myself. 

8.  Let go of guilt.  This one is a little easier for me right now.  Thank God something's easier.... .

9.  Let go of fear.  This is related to some of the things I've been worried about.  When we focus on fear, we only draw into our lives that which we fear.   Time to redirect my focus.

10.   Have a proper belly laugh once a day.   I actually did this a few months after I was divorced, and it really made me feel tons better.  Today was a tough day, but I did have a chuckle this evening, which helped.  I need to seek out more chances to laugh. 

Did you try this list for yourself?  What will you do differently tomorrow based on what you wrote down for each item?    :-)

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