Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Allowing Divine Spirit to Work Through You

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Today is Tuesday, August 20, 2013.

"Don't let what you think you cannot do, interfere with what divine spirit can do through you.  Let go... and experience something wonderful."  –Rodney Jones

Someone once asked in an online discussion why we so often get put into situations that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable for us.  For me, the best answer given at the time was this: when we are in situations that are comfortable and familiar, we rely on our own knowledge and experience to get us through, but when we are in situations that are new and difficult, we tend to ask for God's help more often.  That's true as far as it goes, but I also think that unfamiliar situations force us to grow by exercising our creativity in coming up with new ways to deal with our issues, and we are forced also to manifest qualities such as patience or the ability to focus in order to solve our problems.  

Still, it has never occurred to be until now to think that when am put into a situation that seems impossible to deal with, Divine Spirit may be using me to do Its work.  How often have I given up trying to do something with the excuse that I'm just not up to the task, unaware that I was also refusing to allow myself to be used in the service of God?  So many of us say we wish to serve God, but when we are given a task, we balk, unaware that our prayer has just been granted!  

When we let go of our fears and our limitations, we are more easily guided to achieve the seemingly impossible.  When we trust God, and trust the process of "life as a learning opportunity," we can do anything. 

The next time I come upon a situation that seems impossible, I hope that I will be able to remember this little insight.  :-)

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