Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thoughts on Air Travel

Today is Tuesday, June 11, 2013. 

These days, every time I travel by air, I am reminded of how fragile and out-of-shape  my body is.  I've been able to stay "regular" this trip, but my joints ache badly.  Fortunately, there was a SkyCap waiting at the gate in Atlanta with a wheelchair, who got me to my connection gate in record time.  It really helps, sometimes, to have gray hair.

Fortunately, also, there were young men who were willing to help me put my bags in the overhead bin.  People are pretty nice to one another when they're traveling, I've noticed.  The walk out to my friend's car was a little long, and carrying anything heavy, even if it is on wheels, puts pressure on my knees. 

On one flight I sat next to a delightful young woman who was watching a comedy movie on her iPad.  She realized that I was watching it, too, and we ended up laughing together at the physical comedy parts.  I was even able to lip-read somewhat.  The woman had five kids, and it seemed that she was a single mother.  Her own mom was taking care of the kids so that she could attend the wedding of a friend in Bermuda.  Why don't any of my friends get married in Bermuda? 

This time I had to pay a "bag fee" and a "seat fee," which was OK because I was able to "upgrade" to a seat with more leg room.  It was nice to be able to print out my boarding pass ahead of time.  I ended up starting my flight just before five p.m., but a meal on the plane was not an option.  I had very little time between flights, so wasn't able to eat then, either.  Fortunately, I bought a few nuts at the airport, so am chewing a few as I type.  Also fortunately, I had a good breakfast and a very substantial lunch before going to the airport. 

I know I am overweight, but the seats are awfully small. I am glad I've lost 20 pounds since the last time I flew, though.  One plane even had a big enough seatbelt.  On the other one, I had to ask for an extra section of belt.  I will celebrate when I no longer have to do that.

Security: this time, for the first time, I had to get into the scanner, spread my legs apart, and put my hands over my head.  I so wish I didn't have to do that....  At least I've learned to put most of my toiletries in my checked bag, and have all the toiletries in my carry-on bag in 1 or two see-through bags.  I know it's for my safety, but it's demeaning, pure and simple to have to go through that security protocol.  :-/

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Yas Banoo said...

Sounds like a pretty good trip overall!
If we ever wanted to remarry, it'll be in Bermuda and you are first on our guest list!