Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Temple of Healing

Today is Tuesday, June 25, 2013.

The other day a friend reminded me that I could go on the inner planes to receive healing.  I have done that before, and have been given healing using colored water, light, and sound. Where are these temples and how do you get there? 

When I speak of going on the inner, what I mean is that I enter a meditative or contemplative state and entertain an inner vision.  I can mock up any scene that I wish, because the inner planes are infinitely malleable, and Souls can create with their thoughts on the inner.  

I visualize my self walking in a serene natural environment to a beautiful temple building filled with light.  When I enter, a caretaker usually greets me and shows me to a private space where I can put my "outer" things.  (In this case, although I envision taking off my street clothes, what I am really doing is dropping the physical body for a while, knowing that I am still connected to it via the Silver Cord that will only be cut when I am ready to leave this particular body for the last time.  

I don a sort of "guest robe," much as you would when entering a health spa on the physical plane.  Then I am invited to receive treatment in any one of a number of places.  It may be a pool, a shower, or just a simple room with a comfortable chair in it.  It may be a room with a massage table.  I may be attended by a healer, or simply receive treatment by myself by means of entering the pool, standing under the shower, or sitting in the chair and absorbing rays of light. Since I am looking mainly for physical healing right now, I will concentrate on getting a shower of orange or golden light or water.

When the healing treatment is done, I will be invited to relax with some restorative tea.  I may meet with a spiritual advisor or mentor.  I may be given some information to take back into the physical world with me. Even if I don't remember what it is when I come out of the meditative state, I know that the information will be shown to be at some point, perhaps in the form of an intuitive nudge to eat a particular kind of food or read a certain book.  

Contemplations like this one need only take about 20 minutes each day, and it's best to do them for about three weeks, so that is what I will do.  Let the healing continue!   :-) 

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