Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Live Now – Don't Wait Until You're Perfect

Today is Tuesday, February 11, 2014. 

The world needs you now, not when you're "perfect."

The word perfect is tricky, because there are different ways to define what is perfect.  By extension, the word imperfect can also be hard to define.  Common wisdom says that human beings and the physical world in general are imperfect.  Used this way, the word imperfect seems to mean without any difficulties, problems, irregularities, impurities or blemishes. 

If you think of this physical world as having been created on purpose in such a way that problems are not only possible, but inevitable and even desirable, then how can it be imperfect?  The fact is that in solving our problems and overcoming our negative qualities, thoughts and habits, we grow and gain spiritual strength and graceThat's exactly what this physical realm was created for.  It is a perfect feedback loop, a perfect mirror for us to see ourselves in.

Whenever we witness or experience the negative consequences of something we have thought, said or done, assuming that we accept personal responsibility for creating those consequences, we are seeing ourselves in the mirror, and we have a unique opportunity to make changes in ourselves, to "perfect" ourselves, as it were.   In fact we are the only ones who can make these changes in ourselves.  That's because God has given us the incredible gift of free will.  We are being trained to exercise that free will responsibly and effectively.  Our challenge is to create lives for ourselves in which we exist in harmony with each other and with the physical environment, including the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms.  

So far, we haven't done very well, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean this isn't still a great place to learn.  It's in our interactions with one another and with the nature that the purpose for physical Creation is fulfilled.  It is in seeking to better ourselves that the perfection of our situation is realized. We're here to help each other grow.  Don't you think that's just... perfect?  :-)

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