Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Healing the Wounds of Your Heart: 15 Golden Steps Exercise

Today is Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

Affirmations are a great way to re-train your subconscious mind.  They are also a great way to heal your heart.  You can say affirmations, or you can write them.  The best ones are very short and therefore easy to remember.  They are always stated in the present tense.  Instead of using an action verb in your affirmation, try using a quality, because when you learn to manifest qualities, the associated actions will follow.  For example, one suggestion is to say or write, "I am happy, healthy, wise and free."  For me, however, it's easiest to work on one quality at a time.

One of the most effective affirmations I have ever done is very simple:  I am love.  I chose to write mine down in a notebook for several weeks.  I wrote, "I am love" in a big, loopy scrawl 15 times each night before going to bed.  (You could do this in the morning if you are a morning person, which I am not.)  

I have written at various times in the past about singing HU, an ancient holy name for God.  You can sing HU while writing your affirmation, or you can sing it while in contemplation.  Take a deep breath, and sing HU (pronounced like "hue") slowly on the out-breath.  When you can no longer sustain the tone, take a deep breath and start again.  Sing HU for 10 t0 20 minutes.

Recently, a friend on Facebook shared a great contemplation exercise to try.  When you go into contemplation, there's no need to sit on the floor or put your legs into an uncomfortable position.  You can sit in any chair, but a simple straight-backed chair works great, or even a stuffed-chair, as long as you can sit up fairly straight in it.  Put your feet on the floor and hold your hands any way you like in your lap.  Close your eyes, and focus your attention on the area between and slightly above your eyebrows: your Third Eye.

In this exercise, you sing HU as you go into contemplation.  You can begin the visualization while singing HU or after you fall silent.  In your mind's eye, see yourself at the bottom of a set 15 of golden stairs going up to heaven.  It is a stairway of a thousand miracles.  As you go up each step, think, say or sing, "I am love."  As you ascend toward the 15th step, feel the joy of a new world of possibilities that are waiting for you.  Feel refreshed and renewed.  You take this feeling of joy with you, and it shines through your very being.

Do this exercise daily for at least a month.  :-)

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