Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Today is Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

You know how the GPS in your car says 'rerouting' after you make a wrong turn.  The universe is the same.   If you make a wrong turn in you life it will reroute you back to where you need to go.   Stop trying to analyze every decision.   Just get out there and start living.  –Paradigm Shift on Facebook

Yesterday I wrote that it doesn't matter what we choose, only that we choose.  The point is to make a choice and go with it to see what happens. If we find that we have made a poor choice, we can learn from that and make a better choice next time.  And even if there isn't a "next time," we can learn something from the experience that comes once we have made our choice.  And, as today's quote says, if we have turned away from something that we need to do in this lifetime, the Universe – Life, Itself – will somehow bring us back to a point where we can complete our mission.  It's the Ultimate Reroute.

We literally cannot fail.  What a formula for success!

We ultimately end up doing what we were supposed to do, even though we may be doing it in a different way than we had originally intended.  And we have the benefit of all the experience we gained on our detour.  

 I can't prove this, but I have the distinct impression that my current lifetime is one giant reroute.  In one or more previous lifetimes, I dropped the ball, spiritually, and ended up in one of those "rest points in eternity," rather than moving forward.  No matter.  In this lifetime, I have picked up the ball again.  

Did I waste my time?  Not at all.  For one thing, in the Big Picture, there really is no such thing as time, and we can have as many lifetimes as we need for our unfoldment as Soul in the lower (physical) world.  For another thing, as I said before, I have all this experience, now, that I didn't have before, and I probably needed it.  Another thing to consider: I may have been moving forward too fast, and needed a break.  It happens.

Just knowing that Divine Order is in place, whether or not I can see the Big Picture for myself right now, is a huge relief.  I don't have to worry that one little misstep is going to land me in hell forever.  I don't have to worry that I've made such a mess of my life that I will be forever damned.  

The next time you find yourself in a situation in which you have to make a choice, just make the best choice that you can and go with it.  Whatever happens, do your best and try to learn something from the situation.  Don't second-guess yourself or allow yourself to think about "what might have been."  If you feel that you made a bad choice and if you are given a similar choice in the future, you can make a better choice later.  Meanwhile, just go with the flow, and make lemonade from lemons, knowing that you are gaining in life experience, and that this experience will turn out to be an asset at some time in the future.  :-)

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