Thursday, November 7, 2013

Intuition and Inner Guidance

Know its signs... it speaks to you not through your mind... but through
your body.  Truth, recognition, and love will send chills...  Danger
will send anxiety...  Negativity will send a heavy heart and
stomach issues.  Trust your Spirit.  It seeks only to keep you safe.
Today is Thursday, November 7, 2013.

Intuition... we all have it. We can all tell when something is going on with our physical bodies, learning to slow down, listen to it, and understand what it is trying to tell us is the hard part..., but it seems if you make a conscious effort to hear your body and emotions and pay attention to what is going on around you, it seems to all make sense eventually. As you get used to hearing, you learn to recognize the signs and messages very quickly.  Trust your Spirit and its signals; it seeks only to keep you safe.
–Walking the Earth Touching the Sky on Facebook

Nowadays intuition is regarded as a normal means of receiving information, whereas a couple of decades ago, it seemed a far fetched concept.  We all have a sense of intuition, but many of us rarely pay attention to it, and even among those who do pay attention, it is still not generally known that you can summon intuitive guidance at will.  And although it is perfectly OK to pay attention to your body for signals, it is also possible to work with an inner spiritual guide who can give us messages more directly.

Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright is the title of a book by Anne Archer Butcher.  In the book, Anne explains how she has used the spiritual exercises taught in the teachings of Eckankar to elicit inner guidance throughout her adult life.  The most basic exercise is simply quieting the mind and softly singing the word HU, pronounced hue, which is an ancient name for God. Anne works with an inner spiritual guide whose spiritual title is the Mahanta, and whose job it is to function as a Co-worker with God to assist all Souls who request help.

Anne's book contains some of the most powerful and remarkable stories I have ever read, including one in which she met and communicated with a runaway circus elephant on a Midwestern high school campus, and several in which she was able to clue doctors in on her medical condition and that of her sister.  In another story, she related how she was able to survive a horrific car accident.

I have had inner guidance, myself, and can attest that it works.  My stories aren't as amazing as Anne's, however.  Her book does make me want to pay a lot more attention to my own inner guidance as I refine what it means to be retired, and as I continue to heal from cancer and its treatment, as well as double pulmonary embolisms.

If you have a chance, by all means get a copy of Anne's book.  You will be glad you did!  :-)

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lorena johnson said...

I hope to be able to afford the book this month after all my bills are paid and groceries and gas for the car is accounted for. I know it is a great tool. I also listened to 2 of Rodney Jone's new videos which will bring tears of joy and help raise your state of consciousness.
Love you,