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What Is a Lightworker?

Today is Saturday, May 18, 2013.

You came to the Earth in this powerful time to assist in the transition into a higher consciousness.  You know who you are.  All you need to know is within you.  Honor it.

This messaged touched me deeply the other day, so I decided to write about Lightworkers, because I am one, and so are many of my friends.  There used to be an article on Wikipedia about Lightworkers, but it was taken down for some technical reason.  There is apparently some discussion of reinstating it at some point. 

I've known about the term for several years, now, but it seems to me that it hasn't been in general use for that long, maybe 20 years or so, at most.   The term is generally loosely defined, and it has evolved in meaning over the years.  Like a lot of words in the public consciousness, the term has been misinterpreted and overused.  If you think about it, though, you can get the sense of how the term was developed.  Concepts of God and everything good and godlike are associated with light.  The first thing God created was light.  It stands to reason, then, that Lightworkers are people whose life purpose has something to do with the Divine.  They are generally Souls who have incarnated on Earth many times before and have acquired a certain level of spiritual understanding as Soul.

Lightworkers are Souls who volunteered, before birth into this lifetime, to assist Earth itself and all her inhabitants, including humans and all animals.  Each Lightworker feels that his or her purpose is a sacred one.   Lightworkers came with a desire to spread Light in the form of love, knowledge, empowerment, healing, and a raising of consciousness, not only for individuals, but for all humankind.  They work to heal Mother Earth, herself, as well as all humanity.  They are attracted to spirituality, particularly non-traditional paths, and to various forms of therapeutic work, as well as art, writing, teaching and counseling.

Almost all Lightworkers have to go through the process of becoming enlightened, themselves, in this lifetime, before they can begin to assist others.  Many of them have a very rocky start in life.  Many have overcome broken homes, alcoholism and drug use, debilitating handicaps, abandonment, rejection, and physical or verbal abuse.  In the process, the successful ones have become strong, independent, and resilient.

In addition to overcoming various life obstacles, Lightworkers must begin the process of spiritual awakening, which can bring further trials and tribulations to those who need that sort of experience.  Even though they are spiritually enlightened, it is important to remember that they are not superior to everyone else.  They are simply Souls whose time it is to wake up to their true nature.  

Here are some general characteristics of Lightworkers:

1)  Lightworkers generally feel  "different" from others, often lonely and misunderstood.  Their life path is unique and is not always appreciated by others.  They often have extrasensory abilities that others do not share, such as clairvoyance, or the ability to communicate with discarnate Souls.  They often feel a powerful desire to fulfill some higher purpose in life, which can make them feel restless and uneasy until they discover their mission.

2)  Lightworkers often have trouble feeling comfortable with traditional jobs, traditional organizations, or mainline religious organizations.  Because their mission has to do with empowering individuals, they tend to resist social structures that are based on a power hierarchy. 

3)  Lightworkers are often drawn to teaching, psychology, healing and therapy.  They may be nurses, teachers, counselors or writers.  Even those whose job has nothing to do with helping people directly can contribute to the overall goal of assisting humanity in general.  Lightworkers are interested in meditation, prayer, angels, crystal healing, and the like.  Many artists are Lightworkers whose art is aimed at the upliftment of humanity.

4)  Lightworkers tend to have a spiritual sense about how everything is related.   This realization colors all of  their thoughts, words and actions. 

5)  Lightworkers deeply honor and respect life.  They are drawn to help animals and are concerned about the environment.

6)  Lightworkers are sensitive to others, often empathic, and they generally distance themselves from aggressive behavior.  To others, they may seem dreamy, unrealistic, or ungrounded.  They tend to need time alone each day, because of their sensitivity to the negative feelings and moods of people around them.  They generally require time alone on a daily basis to regenerate their energy.  They are not necessarily loners, but they are often seen as standoffish, when they are really just trying to protect themselves from being overwhelmed by the bombardment of others' thoughts and emotions.

7)  Many Lightworkers had lifetimes as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics, witches, alchemists, shamans, medicine men, priests, or priestesses.  Some of them were severely punished for their beliefs in earlier lifetimes, and they must now work to overcome their fears and anxieties about engaging in activities that are not appreciated by society.

There are a number of challenges faced by Lightworkers. 

1)  They must let go of the need for outer confirmation or validation from family, friends, and society in general. Lightworkers must learn to trust their inner sources of wisdom, their dreams, and nudges from Divine Spirit.

2)  Because of certain extremely negative experiences in past lives, or even earlier in the present lifetime, Lightworkers can sometimes get caught up in the mindset of self-pity, and must work to pull themselves out of this mindset.

3)  Also because of negative experiences in the past, many Lightworkers are distrustful of organized religion.  They must learn to find peace within themselves so that they can work with others, regardless of the spiritual path others are following.

4)  Because they often seem to have powers that others lack, there is a danger of self-aggrandizement.  Lightworkers must remember that their mission in life is to fulfill their God-given purpose, and that they, themselves, are not the sole author of their life path.  They must learn – as must we all – not to exert power over others or force others to follow them.

5)  Due to their heightened connection with the Divine, Lightworkers often find it hard to ground themselves properly.  They need to learn to meditate and to achieve a level of control over their own minds, egos, and physical programming.  They need to learn to be fully present in the moment, and be aware of everything that is happening around them in the physical world.

Jill Renee Feeler, a self-identified Lightworker, had this to say about becoming a Lightworker:  "As my consciousness continues to expand, my truths and beliefs continue to shift.  I have learned the benefits of no longer identifying who I am by my truths and beliefs.  Who I am as a Soul cannot fully fit into physical structure or any thought-based structure.  Nor does the God that I know fit into any one religion.  These do not own me nor identify me any longer."  :-)

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