Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being Strong and Flying Solo

Today is Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

I saw this message on my Facebook newsfeed, posted by a woman who has had to be incredibly strong in the last few months.  The message reminded me, once again, that no matter how strong and capable we are, there are times when we need others in our lives.  And no matter how many wonderful friends we have, it would be nice, just once, to have one special man who would stick around for a while.  Like the  woman who posted this message, I don't actually need help on a daily basis, and for the most part, the encouragement and love of my friends is enough, even at a distance.  

It's been over 30 years, now, since my divorce, and essentially, there's been nobody.  I have always told myself that I was open to a relationship, but I wonder, now, whether I really was.  Apparently, in this lifetime, I needed the experience of having to "fly solo."  I've been blessed with the health and strength, most of my life, to be able to do most things for myself.  Only in recent years have I lacked the strength or the flexibility to do things like changing a light bulb in a ceiling fixture, for example, or carry groceries from my car to my apartment without a cart.  

But is that all I want a man for?  As a pack animal or fix-it guy?  That can't be it.  That would be just as bad as a man wanting a woman as a cook, maid, and sex doll.   

It would be nice to be able to depend on someone else to take care of me when I'm feeling sick, or put his arms around me when I'm sad or scared.  Beyond that, though, I think it would be great if I were to find someone with whom I could be a partner in some sort of project that we both believe in.  That would be the best reason to get into a relationship.  

Too bad I can't just wave my magic wand and make that happen.    :-/

But don't worry, I'll probably be a lot more cheerful when the weather clears up.

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