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Are You an Awakening Soul?

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Today is Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

I read a very interesting article called "21 Traits of an Awakening Soul," by Christina Sarich. (You can read the article here.  It originally appeared on the website

 A lot of the traits are ones that my friends and I have in common.  I present the traits here, expressed in my own words, along with my own thoughts on the matter.

1.  Being in public can be overwhelming because the Awakening Soul is sensitive to the emotional broadcasts of others.  I have addressed this issue a couple of times before when I talked about the Law of Facsimiles.  People unconsciously broadcast their emotions unless they are trained to do otherwise.  People also automatically and unconsciously receive others' broadcasts.  It doesn't matter whether you think you're "psychic" or not.  Everybody has this ability, but like all abilities, some people are better at it than others.  Many times, when we pick up others' emotional broadcasts, we have no idea that we are doing so, especially when the broadcast is a negative emotion such as anger, fear, worry, or grief.  All we know is that we are feeling upset or especially touchy, and we can't pinpoint exactly why.  That's because the emotion is not ours.  It originated in someone else and we are feeling a "copy" of it.  The mind, though, reacts to stimuli whether it is physically present or not.  That's why we can laugh, cry, or bite our nails in a movie theater.  The stimulus is not physically present, except as pixels of light on a silver screen, but we react emotionally, anyway.  When others' emotional broadcasts are especially strong or especially negative, we feel it, and if we happen to be in the middle of a group of people – in an office or a classroom, for example – the effect is amplified, because a lot of people are sending and receiving each others' emotional broadcasts.  That's why crowds can turn into angry mobs, and classrooms full of normally sweet kids can overwhelm a substitute teacher.  That's why the joy that we feel when our sports team wins seems amplified when we're sitting in the stands among all the fans, rather than watching the event on TV..  

Knowing how to shield yourself from the emotional broadcasts of others is going to be an increasingly necessary skill, if we are to avoid chaos.  In earlier blog entries I have talked about learning to shield yourself using a bubble or ring of white light, or imagining yourself surrounded by mirrors with the reflective side turned away from you.  In addition, one thing anybody can do to help "clear the air" around them is to sing HU, an ancient name of God, pronounced like the English word "hue."  In general, keeping your thoughts on higher, finer things, and just remembering now and again throughout the day that you are under God's protection can be helpful. 

In addition to knowing how to shield yourself, it is worthwhile to know how to avoid broadcasting to others.  You can envision yourself in a soundproof "Green room," like the ones they have at TV studios for people who are waiting to go on the air.  When you learn to control your thoughts, those who are especially sensitive will enjoy being around you.

2.  Awakening Souls get information from a highly-developed sense of intuition, and from their dreams.  They have learned to be aware of and pay attention to sudden insights and nudges from Divine Spirit.  Trust in our intuitive sense doesn't always come easy.   The information has to be tested to ascertain its veracity, and our trust has to be built up over time.  One way to become more aware of your intuitive powers is to learn to meditate.  When we learn to quiet the voice in our minds, we can get all sorts of information.  Meditating can be likened to turning on a radio and adjusting the dial to tune in to a particular radio station.  Once we find a station we like, we leave our radio tuned to that station, so that we will always get the broadcast whenever we turn on our radio.  Meditation allows us to "find the broadcast" and when we learn to return to that relaxed state at a moment's notice during the day, we are actually "turning on our radio," which is preset to the correct frequency.

Awakening Souls pay attention to their dreams, because they know that dream information is really a memory of Soul's experiences in the Worlds of Spirit.  The more we pay attention to our dreams, the more information we can remember when we wake up in the morning.  It's important to write down the information as soon as we can, or it will be lost. 

A caution about precognitive dreams:  The vast majority of our dreams are about the dreamer, individually and personally.  Rarely are precognitive dreams about the whole world.  Before you start telling everybody about that nightmare you had last night, look around and check out your information in the light of day.  Even if you dream of a disaster that is to befall many, the important thing is how you, yourself will handle it.  And... telling everybody about it probably won't prevent the situation from happening.  Remember that we are all here together, co-creating our lives.  It may be that lots of people need the experience, as devastating as it may be, in order to learn. 

3.  Awakening Souls generally dislike watching TV or listening to the radio, especially the news and talk shows.  It's fine to keep up with the news, as long as we take it in small doses, and as long as we avoid letting ourselves get caught up in the drama that the media likes to stir up, and the psychic waves of fear that this media drama tends to generate.  Advertisements that commodify people and promote emotion-based material consumption or a mindset of lack and need are to be avoided.  Also on the "miss list" is programming that is violent or that promotes unnecessary competition at all costs, with its underlying concept of winners and losers.   Violent programming numbs our response to pain and suffering of others, and it gives the very young dangerous ideas about how to respond to their problems. 

TV and radio can be used to uplift and educate humanity, and it is important to support programming that is educational and unbiased, as well as that which is uplifting and entertaining in a positive fashion.  It is also important to preserve and protect open-source information on the Internet.

4.  Awakening Souls tell the truth, because lying is actually painful to them, and they sense when others are lying.   This is because Awakening Souls are sensitive to information from inner sources, in addition to physical sources.  More and more, Awakening Souls are learning to trust their gut instincts about people.  It is hard for Awakening Souls to keep their feelings inside, and they must learn to look for ways to express their feelings in a responsible manner.

5.  Awakening Souls sometimes experience physical symptoms that mirror what is going on with others.   This has to do, once again, with their increasing level of sensitivity to others.  Getting symptoms of a loved-one's cold or experiencing empathetic pains are examples of this.  Besides the shielding that I spoke of in point number 1, a good thing to learn to do is ground yourself to the earth.  Walking barefoot on the grass or soil is a great way to do this.  Another way is to move your body - learn to do t'ai chi or dancing.  Grounding yourself in meditation is also helpful, visualizing that your body has roots in the ground, or just sitting still and noticing what is going on around you.   Sitting in a warm Jacuzzi is a grounding exercise, as well.

6.  Awakening Souls tend to be especially sensitive to those who are disenfranchised by systems that are in place, as well as those who seem to fall through the cracks of such systems.  People seem to be subliminally aware of this, and often tell their problems to Awakening Souls, because they unconsciously sense their openness and availability.  It's important for Awakening Souls to learn how to pass others' problems on to Divine Spirit, rather than holding them inside, where they can fester.  You can envision carrying the other person's problems in a bucket and dumping it out in a river that represents Divine Spirit.  It's important to do this only when the other person actually tells you his or her problems.  Otherwise, don't go looking for others' problems to solve.  When we pass others' problems on, we need to let go of them and trust that Divine Spirit will work things out in the best interest of all concerned, whether they are aware of it or not.   It is also important to learn to establish boundaries so that we don't become "dumping grounds" for others' negative stuff. 

7.  Awakening Souls are aware of energy transfer, and they can distinguish between those who take energy and those who give or who are neutral.  It is very important to know who is an "energy vampire" and to stay as far away from these people as possible.  Grounding and shielding are very important when one is forced to deal with those who are emotionally needy and unstable, people who are looking for others to depend on, or people who want someone to enable them in their negative ways.

8.  Awakening Souls are particularly prone to the use of drugs or alcohol to numb the affects of negative emotions.  This is why it is especially important to meditate regularly, spend some time alone each day, and to learn a repertoire of shielding and grounding techniques to get them through tough situations.

9.  Awakening Souls are natural healers.  They tend to be drawn toward alternative healing modalities, such as acupuncture, shiatsu and other types of massage therapy, Reiki, Qi-Gong, yoga, midwifery, chiropractic, spiritual psychology, hypnosis therapy, and past-life or between-life regression therapies.  Awakening Souls tend to favor natural foods, herbs, and holistic healing modalities such as homeopathy and naturopathy.  Awakening Souls are aware that some traditional allopathic treatments are correct for certain conditions, but they tend to try combining therapies, whenever possible.   Awakening Souls know that the body has miraculous powers to heal itself, as long as we don't block the body's natural systems.

10.  Awakening Souls are aware of many things before the general population.  Sometimes this information makes them uncomfortable, because it is so at odds with accepted wisdom.  It is important to learn discernment and patience.  We must exercise discernment in regards to whom we share information with.  It's important to ask ourselves inwardly if the person is really ready to hear what we have to say and to process it.  It is counterproductive to press information on people before they are ready, and occasionally it can even be dangerous.  Learning to use the Law of Silence is imperative.  Patience needs to be exercised, as well, while we wait for others to catch up with what we know.  Everything happens in God's time, and people are having experiences now that will prepare them for the information to come.

11.  Awakening Souls are creative in every sense of the word.  They sing, dance, paint, invent, and write.  They also think out of the box, and enjoy finding new solutions.  They know that imagination is a powerful creative force, and that imagination, backed by knowledge and fueled by emotion can accomplish great things.  It is important for Awakening Souls to learn to execute their dreams and bring their daydreams to fruition in the physical world, rather than simply using their daydreams to avoid grappling with and solving problems in their lives.

12.  Awakening Souls know how to spend time alone, and often require more "cave time" than most other people.    They spend their alone time re-balancing and grounding themselves, reflecting on situations, listening to their intuition,  meditating, and cleansing themselves of negative energy.  They know that they will be at their best with others when they have some alone time each day.

13.  Awakening Souls know how to entertain themselves.   The French express boredom by saying, "Je m'ennuie."  Literally, this means, "I bore myself," and it is an incredibly accurate way to express the situation.  Life is not boring. It is up to us to cultivate interests.  Things are not going to come and bite us on the nose.  We have to make the effort to learn about things.  One way to do this is to learn to ask questions, the answers to which will suggest more questions.  We need to realize that just because we are not interested in something, that doesn't mean it's intrinsically boring.  Learning to entertain ourselves is a great skill, because it increases self-reliance and decreases our reliance on others.  Every so often, it is important to cultivate a new interest or hobby to keep us on our toes.

14.  Awakening Souls tend to do things that they are passionate about.  They don't enjoy doing something that someone else thinks they "should" do, nor do they enjoy doing something just because everybody else is doing it.  They "follow their bliss" because they know that when they find their true calling, it is a service to all life.   They realize that their passion can an avocation, rather than a vocation.

15.  Awakening Souls are truth seekers.  They realize that truth appears in different ways to different people according to their level of consciousness. They know that there can be no point at which they can say that they know absolute truth for all time.  They continue to strive for more information, rather than for absolute truth as an end product.  When people think they have discovered absolute truth, two things happen: they stop growing and striving, and they try to force their truth onto others.  Neither one of these is a good thing.   Awakening Souls keep their truth to themselves and try to act on it to the best of their ability, realizing that not everyone will agree with them or support them.  They also allow others to act on truth as they perceive it without judgment and without trying to "fix" other people.

16.  Awakening Souls have a different sense of time than other people.  For Awakening Souls, time is fluid, expanding and contracting as necessary.  When they are fully engaged in an activity or project, they tend to lose track of time.   It's important for Awakening Souls to learn to defer to "shared time" or "clock time" as necessary when dealing with others, as a point of respect and courtesy. 

17.  Awakening Souls tend to prefer spontaneity rather than established routines. They realize that there is power in randomity.  Awakened Souls must learn to appreciate that others derive a sense of security from established routines.  They need to learn not to rock other people's boat unnecessarily.  This calls for a sense of compassion, discernment, and responsibility.  Awakened Souls must learn responsible ways to encourage changes, and exercise compassion and patience as others struggle to keep up.

18.  Awakening Souls question authority.  It's important to learn responsible ways to do this.  Order is always better than chaos.  It's not a sin to challenge authority, especially when we see or sense that something is wrong, but we all need to realize that systems are in place in the physical world for a reason.  Just because we realize that a rule makes no sense doesn't mean that everyone else does.  Once again, discrimination is called for.  We must pick our battles carefully, and we must not be afraid to resort to civil disobedience when necessary.  We can do more to generate change working cooperatively with others than we can by acting alone.

19. Awakening Souls don't tolerate unkindness, rudeness, and egotistical or insensitive behavior.  They will walk away from people who engage in such behavior and will severely limit time spent with them.  This can include members of their families and "old friends."   It's important for Awakening Souls to set clear boundaries and let people know when they are behaving in an unacceptable way.  But rather than arguing with them, it is often better to walk away or to distance ourselves for a while.  If people insist on continuing in their negative behavior, they should be made aware that the Awakened Soul will simply refuse to spend any more time with them.  It's important that Awakened Souls learn to part with others with as little drama as possible, and to continue to wish them well.

20.  Awakening Souls often prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet.  Many are sensitive to the negative vibrations from the meat of animals that were inhumanely treated and slaughtered.  It's important to realize, however, that each person has unique dietary needs, and that a vegetarian diet is not appropriate for everyone. No particular diet is more "spiritual" than any other.  Awakening Souls generally prefer organic fruits and vegetables and avoid genetically modified foods. Awakening Souls who consume meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products often prefer to buy eggs from "free-range "chickens and the meat of animals raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.  They also tend to prefer unpasteurized dairy products, if they can get them legally.  They know that consumption of animal products must be done in moderation, but that consumption of meat, in particular, can be a way of grounding themselves to the physical world, when necessary.

21.  Awakening Souls tend to avoid confrontation, but they try to practice honesty in expressing their emotions.   Often, Awakening Souls prefer to work quietly in the background, which is why many of them support groups such as the Occupy movement, but they don't always necessarily see the point in joining public demonstrations.  They prefer action that is purposeful and cooperative, and they engage in consensus-building whenever possible.   They need to exercise discrimination in their decisions about engaging in confrontation, as well as in expressing feelings responsibly, in a way that avoids the use of emotions as a weapon or as a means of hurting or manipulating others. 

Are you an Awakening Soul?  :-)

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