Friday, March 7, 2014

Elements of Creativity

Today is Friday, March 7, 2014.

I found this piece of art on the web to illustrate the idea of creativity, and I must say it has given me some ideas.  I don't know if the artist was using symbolism on purpose or not, but I see some symbolism anyway.  

For me, the flowers are a sign of ideas blossoming, with the possibility of bearing fruit later.  The colored pencils have to do with creating color and excitement in my life, as well as with embracing the diversity of all the parts of myself.  The rainbow brings a promise of happiness and wellbeing after a storm, a sense that all is right with the world. 

The arrow is not only going up and out, but turning a corner, perhaps signifying that my life is also turning a corner.  The green/blue things in back could be leaves, or they could be water, both symbolizing new life for me.  The pink things under the arrow might be flowers, but it also looks like a pink cloud.  It reminds me that I am most creative when I have a positive attitude, when I see the world with rose colored glasses, when I see silver linings behind the clouds. 

The second face within the face reminds me that whatever appearance or qualities I may project to the outer world, I am Soul.  As Soul I am indestructible, eternal, happy and free.  I am neither male nor female, stateless, and I do not have a "personality," only qualities that combine to create a unique energy signature that is the real me.  

When I am creative, I am at my best. I am fulfilling my potential.  I am centered in God's love, and I am in the groove.  By extension, when I am not being creative, I am holding myself back, censoring myself, limiting myself  That's when I am upset, worried, and fearful.  

Each and every day, it is my job to bring myself back onto the path of creativity whenever I stray.  This is my job for the rest of my physical life, and for the rest of whatever lies beyond.

I am Soul.  I am creative.  Creative imagination is the spark of the Divine within me.  I am blooming now.  I am colorful and happy.  My bodies (physical, emotional, causal, mental, etheric, and Soul bodies) are in a process of being balanced.  I have weathered the storms and have a positive outlook on life.  I am turning a corner in my life.  I identify with life, health, and growth.  I am multi-faceted.  I am Soul. :-)

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