Monday, March 10, 2014

A 360-Degree View

Today is Monday, March 10, 2014.

Soul's 360-degree viewpoint enables us to see the totality of our lives.  From that mountaintop perspective we make better decisions about living a more joyous and meaningful life. –Harold Klemp, The Language of Soul

When Soul comes to the physical world and enters a body, It forgets where It came from.  This is so that each time we come here, we start with a more or less blank slate.  Sure, we can bring with us qualities that we have learned to manifest in previous lifetimes.  These are part of our personality matrix in this life.  But we forget the rest, so that we don't waste our current lifetime trying to work on unfinished business from the past.  Still, it would help to know exactly why we came so that we can make some real progress toward meeting our life goals.  

No matter what your specific reason was for coming back this time, the overriding goal for all lifetimes is always the same: to wake up and realize that we are spiritual beings who happen to be interfacing with physical bodies.  When we realize this, the personality and mind can connect with Soul, and we can bring to bear the totality of our experience so far.

The point is not to get stuck in past lives, because no matter who you were, no matter how rich, famous, powerful, or smart you were in the past, you were not as spiritually advanced as you are today, in this current lifetime.  The main things take away from any past life are:

1) What went wrong? 
2) How did I deal with it that time?  
3) If that didn't work, what can I do differently in this lifetime?  
4) What qualities did I learn in previous lives that I can bring to bear in this life? 

In general, identifying as Soul and making the connection between personality (who you are in this lifetime) and Soul (who you are in the eternal sense) gives you a 360-degree viewpoint because you can answer a lot of questions. 

1) What did I agree to learn in this lifetime?
2) With whom did I make agreements to interact in this lifetime? 
3) Is there a karmic attachment between myself and the other person that needs to be worked out? 
4) What is really going on at the Soul level in the situation I am in right now? 

Here are some examples from my own life.  

From a past-life recall, I learned that I had a negative experience with a certain Soul in France during the French Revolution, and the outcome was that I was guillotined.  I met this Soul again in this lifetime and realized that I was both attracted to and repelled by him.  I realized that if I stayed with this person, he and I would only continue to create negative karma between us.  I walked away.

In the dream state I learned that I once had a child whom I abandoned or and left to die.  I agreed to be childless in this lifetime in order to atone for that.  The bitter pill to swallow was that I really wanted to have children in this lifetime, but couldn't. (If I hadn't wanted children, there would have been no "sting" to bring the lesson home.) 

I learned that there is one Soul with whom I have always been very close.  This Soul always appears in my lives as someone whom I can never be with in any way, shape or form, even though we both love each other very much and I am always very attracted to this Soul.  (In this life, he is a gay man and I am a heterosexual woman.  In another life, he was a baby I wanted to adopt, but couldn't for reasons I won't go into.  In still another life, we were both women.  I was gay and "she" was not. There were other lives where we were of different races or social classes, etc.)  What I discovered was that this Soul agreed to try to teach me the difference between "divine love" and "human love."   In this lifetime, I "get it."  I love him dearly, but no longer feel the need to be directly part of his life.

From dreams and other inner work, I have learned that my Soul calling is teaching.  This goes way beyond being a public school teacher.  In this life, I am preparing to be a teacher of Souls.  This is what I will continue to be engaged in when I exit this physical lifetime.  :-)

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