Monday, July 29, 2013

Relationships Bring About Transformation

Today is Monday, July 29, 2013.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."  –Carl Jung

This is a really perceptive comment, because it would seem that the most optimum outcome of any relationship is transformation.  Perhaps I should say, "any relationship with at least one human being," because a true relationship between a human being an an animal (usually a pet) also results in the transformation of the human.  It could probably be argued that a human being can also be transformed in some way by a "relationship" between him/herself and nature or between a human being and an inanimate object such as a computer, a creative process such as painting, or some other process such as training for Olympic competition or mastering a musical instrument.  

Let's confine ourselves to relationships between two human beings, for the purposes of today's discussion.  We can change in all kinds of ways as a result of our relationships. Not all of the changes are necessarily positive ones, however.  Some relationships harden our hearts, leave us bitter and angry, or bring out some negative quality in ourselves that we weren't previously aware of.  Actually, that last thing happens more often than we realize, and although the reaction itself is not very pretty, we at least have the opportunity to see what elements of our personality need to be addressed and healed.

We can gain wisdom not only about life and about people in general, but we can also learn a lot about ourselves in particular.  We can gain emotional maturity, a sense of discipline and responsibility, and learn to manifest any number of positive personal qualities, such as honesty, loyalty, and the ability to set goals and priorities, to compromise for the highest good, and to solve problems creatively. 

Have you ever met someone whom you loved or hated instantly, as soon as you met?  Have you ever met someone who seemed to be luminescent compared with anyone else in the crowd?  These people are probably ones you should get to know.  If the relationship turns out to be a bit rocky, it's not necessarily a sign that you shouldn't be together.  It's more likely to be a sign that you have issues to work out between you.  When the relationship has served its original purpose, it can either be allowed to end amicably or it can be re-purposed.  It depends on how aware you and the other person are about the true nature of your relationship.  :-)

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