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Open Your Third Eye

Today is Monday, April 8, 2013.

The other day I saw this photo on Facebook and loved its simple message.  These days, most people know something about the Third Eye, but on the off-chance that you don't, here is some information that you might find useful.

The Third Eye goes by a number of names, and it's another one of those things that has been known by the various spiritual traditions for centuries, but which modern science is only beginning to learn about.  It is also called the Spiritual Eye, the Inner Eye, Shiva's Eye, the hidden eye, the Tisra Til, and the single eye.  It is also called the Tenth Door, because in addition to the nine "openings" in the body (two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, anus and urethra) through which Soul connects with the outer, physical world, the Inner Eye is also an opening, but it connects Soul with the inner, spiritual world. Because it connects us with the heavenly realms, it has also been called the Door of Salvation.  Additionally, the Third Eye is called the Seat of the Soul.

The Third Eye is located between and behind the two physical eyes. In physical terms, it is the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland in the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres.  The pineal gland is shaped like a pine cone, which is why it is called "pineal."  It is reddish-gray in color and about the size of a grain of rice (5-8 mm).  It's function, so far as science is aware, is to secrete a hormone known as melatonin, which helps the body regulate the sleep/wake functions and seasonal functions. The gland also regulates endocrine functions in general and influences the sexual development of the body. A very important fact about the pineal gland is that the cells on the inside surface of the pineal gland are light-sensitive rods, just like the cells of the retina of our eyes.  In fact, if you cut open the pineal gland, you can see that it is shaped somewhat like an eye. This seems to lend credence to the ancient designation, "Third Eye." One function of the pineal gland, or Third Eye is something that science may never be able to prove, and that is its function as a portal to other dimensions, or the worlds of spirit, especially when we are dreaming, but also when we are in a meditative or contemplative state.  Additionally, the Third Eye anchors Soul to the physical body, which is why it is called the Seat of the Soul. Basically, this anchor is how Soul is able, through the body, to live and move and have its being in the physical world.  Without this connection with Soul, the body dies.
Eye of Horus

The Egyptians knew about the pineal gland and its importance. The symbol at left is known as the Eye of Horus.  I never realized how closely it resembles the actual innards of the brain, however , until I saw the symbol next to an actual section of brain tissue, shown below. 

The Buddhists knew about the spiritual importance of the Third Eye, which is why you can see a little dot on Buddha's forehead in pictures and statues.  Hindus knew about this, too, and they show it by wearing a dot on their foreheads, known as a bindi.

There are a number of pine cone-shaped statues and images in the Vatican, and the Pope's scepter has a pine cone shape on the end, so it appears that the Catholic fathers knew about the Third Eye. Apparently, they did not see fit to inform the public, perhaps because they were aware of how powerful this information really is.  The Bible has a verse in it that always stumped me before I learned about the Third Eye.  It is in Matthew 6:22. "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." (King James Version)  I think it's unfortunate that more Christians are not aware of this information.

The Founding Fathers of the United States, all members of the Masonic Order, were aware of the significance of the Third Eye, and incorporated the image of the "all-seeing eye" in the Great Seal of the United States, which is printed on every dollar bill.

Statue at the Vatican
In adults, the inner walls of the  pineal gland usually become calcified, therefore the natural function of the gland is disrupted.  One main contributor to calcification of the gland is the fluoride that is in our drinking water.  Scientists are now finding that fluoride may be more harmful than helpful, and many places have taken action to rid their tap water of fluoride, which is actually a term for a combination of several different chemicals, including arsenic, lead, aluminum, cadmium, fluorosilicic acid and even radioactive materials. In the U.S., fluoride is commonly found not only in drinking water, but in fluoridated toothpaste and conventional (non-organic) produce.

In order to decalcify your pineal gland, it is suggested that you drink spring water or use a water purification system that has a special filter called activated alumina (AAL).  Reverse osmosis water filter systems also remove fluoride. You should also switch to fluoride-free toothpaste.  Eat organic vegetables whenever possible. Sun-dried seaweed vegetables, such as kombu, arame, wakame, dulse, and nori, are good additions to the diet, and can easily be added to salads and soups.  Dark leafy greens such as kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, bok choy, and collard greens are good additions to the diet.  Raw cacao, goji berries, cilantro, watermelon, bananas, natural honey, coconut oil, hemp seeds, and noni juice are also good for detoxifying the pineal gland.

Cod liver oil is good for removing calcium in the body.  There are other things to use for this purpose, and if you search Google with the term "decalcify Third Eye," you can find various products that will help. 

Cut down on – or cut out – refined sugar (including artificial sweeteners), caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.  Pharmaceutical drugs, especially antidepressants, are not good for the pineal gland.  Illicit drugs, including marijuana, are also harmful.

Believe it or not, sunlight is food for the pineal gland.  Sun-gazing can be done the first 15 minutes that the sun comes up over the horizon or the last fifteen minutes before it completely dips below the horizon.  You can gaze directly at the sun when it is low in the sky without harm to your eyes, although I would suggest that you not drive right after sun-gazing meditation. You gaze at the sun for only 10 seconds at first, and add five or ten seconds each time.  Some people work up to a maximum of 44 minutes per day, but in my opinion, it would be safest to keep it short.  Ideally you do this barefoot and standing directly on the earth, but for those of us who live in places that have a cold, snowy winter, this is impractical.  You can hold a large, clear crystal to amplify the sun-gazing experience. When you are done gazing, you should rub your palms together, then cover your eyes with your hands until the afterimage colors fade away.  If you have had laser surgery, it's best to do "warm-ups" for a couple of months, first. by gazing at the sun with your eyes closed for 10-15 minutes at a time. After eye surgery you should wait at least 3 months to try even the warm-ups, to be safe.

Amethyst wand
Clear quartz crystal wand
Crystals can be used to activate the pineal gland. Amethyst (wand), Laser Quartz (wand), Moonstone, Pietersite, Purple Sapphire, Purple Violet Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Rose Aura, and Sodalite are all good.  Any indigo, violet, or dark purple gemstone or crystal can be used to stimulate the Pineal Gland.

Place the crystal directly on the brow, touching your skin, between your eyes (where the Third Eye is)  for 15-30 minutes a day or every other day to open and balance the Third Eye and prevent or remove calcification.  While the wand is touching the skin, look up at the sun with your eyes closed.  The rays of the sun will penetrate through the end part of the wand and beam directly into the pineal gland.  You can also use the a clear quartz wand for this exercise. Quartz crystal benefits all of the chakras (energy points in the body).

In addition to sunlight, the pineal gland needs complete darkness in order to produce melatonin.  Use blackout curtains in your bedroom, and avoid using night-lights or alarm clocks that have lighted faces or numerals.  Move your TV, computer, and smartphone out of your sleeping area.  Studies have shown that complete darkness leads to more refreshing sleep, and it may even help to eliminate depression.

Yoga is a good form of exercise for the pineal gland.  Another practice that is good for activating the pineal gland is meditation.  When you add a sound or charged word to your meditation, it is that much more powerful.  I, personally, use the word HU (pronounced like the word "hue" in English), which is an ancient name for God,  but others recommend the word OM.  You can also chant nnnnn, mmmmm, or nnnngg  (the sound "ng" as in the end of the word "song"), or you can put your lips together as if you are making a "b" sound, but hum while you are doing it, so that your lips vibrate like a buzzing bee.  You can cover your ears with your hands to amplify the sound, if you like. 

Some people like to use sound tracks specially formulated for meditation, but the fact that you have to sit near an electronic device may cancel out the advantage of the meditation.  If you are new to meditation, try listening to some sounds on the web while you are meditating, to get yourself used to going into the meditative state.   The Tibetan Buddhists use crystal "singing bowls" for this purpose.  I am including some links for you to enjoy.  Be sure to wear headphones.  :-)

936 Hz Pineal Gland Activator  (9 minutes and 20 seconds - it includes a light show video)
Crystal Singing Bowl Choir   (8 minutes and 40 seconds - you can see what the bowls look like)
HU Song  (You can choose a 5-minute version or a 20-minute version.  There is also a video that tells more about HU.) 

(This entry didn't get published until April 9, but I assure you I started it on April 8. )


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