Sunday, March 17, 2013

Letting go

Today is Sunday, March 17, 2013.

A Facebook friend of mine posted that she had finally gone through a lot of her "stuff" and had thrown much of it out.  As soon as the garbage collector left, she commented that the things were now well and truly out of her life, that they had represented an older part of her life that she needed to leave behind, and that she whole exercise of going through her things and throwing some away gave her a sense of freedom.  One of our mutual friends commented, "I always figured more purification happens at the dump than at all the churches put together."

Physicists say that everything vibrates, that nothing stands still, even though it may appear that way to us.  The particular frequency of vibration has to do with what material something is made of: wood, glass, stone, paper, etc.  In the beginning of Creation, all things were created by means of sound vibration.  My spiritual path calls it the Sound.  Christians call it the Word, or Logos.  

Thoughts and feelings also have their own particular rate of vibration.  Dr. Masaru Emoto used magnified photos of the crystalline structure of water to prove that when water is exposed to negative and destructive thoughts, the crystals become ugly and misshapen.  Water that is exposed to thoughts of love, gratitude, harmony, and peace maintains its beautiful, orderly crystalline structure.  

New research has been conducted that suggests that animals and plants are also affected by the thoughts of human beings.  I'm not aware of any research into the effects of our thoughts on solid objects, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that they are affected, too.  I'm sure this must be why certain very sensitive individuals can hold an object and make statements about what might have happened to the owner.

Let's say, for the moment, that it's true that our "stuff" somehow absorbs the vibrations, either positive or negative, of our thoughts and feelings.  If this is the case, it would make a lot of sense for us to get rid of certain things that belonged to us during a turbulent time, such as a divorce.  My Facebook friend has just re-married and started "blended" household with her new husband.  My guess is that she has let go of some of the things she had when she was married before, and perhaps some things that she owned during her "single period."  

I gave up a lot of my stuff when I retired and came here to Brandon.  It did feel really good to let a lot of things go. A few weeks ago, the Fire Marshall came to my apartment building and decreed that much of the stuff in the common areas of the building had to go.  At first, the common rooms seemed awfully naked, but they do have a cleaner feeling, now.  

I've been thinking about "letting to" as a way of making room for whatever comes in my future.  But now I think there's more to it.  Sure, it's good to get things out of our lives that express an older vibration, but what really needs to happen is a change in my core vibration - in who I am and how I conceptualize life.  

On the web, a fellow named Dr. Asoka Selvarajah wrote a whole page on using the Law of Vibration to manifest what you want. "The trap most people fall into is that they condition their future with expectations from their past.  It's like driving with your eyes fixed on the rear view mirror the whole time."

I guess that's why our future generally resembles our past – because we create it out of old, perhaps out-of-date expectations.  One key seems to be creating a vision of what you want, totally unrelated to your past or your present condition. In my case, it means that I can't limit myself based on where I live now, how much money I am making right now, or my current health condition.  What could I do if I didn't have any of those limitations? 

Today I took a very long nap and had a vivid dream.  In the dream, I was doing the driving, and had a couple of girlfriends with me.  We were going camping.  One of my girlfriends, a Japanese woman with whom I went to graduate school, was in the backseat, looking at the highway map.  She said, "You need highway 18, Linda.  Highway 18.  I realized that I had almost missed the exit for this highway, which was unusual, in that it was a left exit.  I had to wait for a car in the late to my left to pass me, and was just barely able to do a lane change and then make the exit.  The highway narrowed quite a bit. 

Then we got up into the mountains, and were sitting in a rustic restaurant, where we were discussing the rest of the trip to the camp location.  I found out that we would have to park in a lot at the bottom of a steep hill and take all our gear up the hill to the actual camping area.  In my dream I had the same health issues as I have now (which is a little scary), and I began to complain that I hadn't been told in advance how hard it was going to be to get to the camp site.  

In the back of my mind, I was aware that the third person in the group, a woman whom I don't know in waking life, was handicapped somehow, but that she was not complaining. 

Then I woke up.  

The dream seems pretty clear.  One of the things I am hanging onto is my limitations.  This is what I have to let go of now.  It remains to be seen how I will accomplish that, and what effect it will have on my life.  Apparently, there is nowhere to go but up.  :-)

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